Why You Should Consider Facebook Advertising

By Tijana Radanovic

Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world and attracts millions of visitors to it each and every single day. It can be an extremely good advertising tool for business around the world who are able to focus on people most likely to use them in a very targeted way. So what are the advantages of Facebook advertising?

To begin with it is not that too expensive especially when compared to a few other alternatives. It involves keywords and pay per click advertising just like companies such as Google who deal with adwords. Your advert shall arrive when certain keywords and locations are picked up by a user so if it was something that applies to anywhere in the world then anybody can see the advert.

It does work well for smaller businesses as well so if you were wanting to sell something to people in New York then this can be done without too many problems. It can quickly open up a whole new batch of customers simply due to the popularity of the website.

What is also good is that you are able to include an image on your advert. It is always much easier to capture the attention of someone in an image than just a block of text as the brain prefers seeing a photo. Of course this is different to other forms of pay per click advertising although of course they may get more traffic than Facebook.

When it comes to the text you do have to consider carefully the words that you are going to have in it. You do get more characters here than elsewhere so this does help but there is still limited space to get your point over so use it wisely.

You can of course set up your own page for your business and work at building friends and contacts. It means you can talk to them whenever you want and also promote to a ready made audience when you have new products or a new service to promote. Best of all it is absolutely free to do this however you may still need some help in understanding how you can get the full benefit from marketing in this way.

So Facebook advertising is relatively cheap, targeted, and can contain more words and an image making it more attractive. The sheer number of people who use the website on a daily basis means you really should carefully consider the possibilities of advertising there due to the potential benefits it could reap. You do not have to spend a huge amount of money in order to make a good profit.

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