Educational Ebooks For Children

By Owen Jones

Each parent wants to get their children reading as soon as they can. This means spending lots of time on daily reading practice sessions. Often children's early reading books are of the intelligent sort. In the first place perusers as often as possible have fly up pictures to represent the key words on the pages.

Why not take this a step further by showing your children multimedia ebooks? Multimedia ebooks for children can take pop-up paper readers to the next level and more. Even older children may benefit from multimedia ebooks. Educational ebooks on Beethoven, for instance could play snippets from his music.

Ebooks on birds could replay their songs and even short films of birds building their nests or in courtship. There are fantastic opportunities for inventive authors of children's multimedia electronic books.

The ebook could have different modes such as with or without auto-read. The book could read itself out loud and each word could alter colour or be underlined as it was being read. The voice could then instruct the child to click on a word to make an event happen, say, replay a bird song or display a short film.

It is frequently hard to keep a child's interest and an interactive ebook like this could be just the way to keep it interesting. This form of ebook is itself still in its early years, but it seems that authors of children's books will have to begin publishing this in this manner more and more.

One potential problem is children and electronic gadgets. Children these days are absolutely more used to taking care of electronic devices than any past era, yet the hand held ebook readers would have to be very rugged and battery operated.

Today's ebook readers normally have screens which are only capable of displaying text in black on a white, blue or gray background, so the displays would have to be capable of full colour and the sound play back facilities might have to be enhanced. Neither of these enhancements are big issues.

A further advantage of an ebook reader is its ability to change the size of the text. Children sometimes have problems with their vision and an ebook reader might be just the solution.

It has also been said that some types of dyslexia can be improved if the text is displayed in, say, yellow on a chestnut foundation or pink on a blue foundation. All mixes are conceivable with an ebook reader with a colour screen, such as a laptop.

Home schooling is increasingly common and school books are being offered to parents at quite a discount to paper books. Paper school books are already expensive, but they are bound to rise in price as the world's populace increases and the number of trees for use in paper mills decreases.

Ebook readers are great for taking on holiday, if you enjoy reading, because they will hold 3,500 ebooks. This will save you lugging three or four paperbacks on holiday with you next time. It will not be long before every household has a few of ebook readers.

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