Can Content Writing Services Really Help Your Business?

By Lucia Baker

If you've got a business and an online presence through your website, you may think that the website is really just a way for you to sell your products and services to customers, easily. You might think that the written website content really isn't that important, but that's incorrect. There are several reasons why your website content can make or break your business. To that end, you might want to consider hiring content writing services to put together that content for you, so that it looks professional and polished.

That's like a lot of things in life. You have to push yourself out of your comfort zone before you get better. Articles are no different. If you've never written on before then it's not going to be as easy as it is for someone who's written a hundred or thousand different articles. There are several steps to good article writing that make people pay attention.

Address a specific individual by name in your cover letter, even if you are answering an ad. Do not address the recipient as "Dear P.O. Box Dude." Call the company if their name is in the ad. Talk to human resources or the hiring manager herself. Tell her you are applying for the job listed in the paper and wanted to know whom to address your cover. The same holds true if you are sending resumes out cold to companies. A reference book you are using may not contain the current person in the position. Call the company to obtain the person's name.

Write it out - Writing may not come as naturally for you as it does for others. It's a process that takes some time to learn, but here's the greatest part, you can learn how to write well absolutely FREE. Start paying attention to other articles, study the ones that keep you enthralled, read daily and before long you'll saturate your mind and begin to have the words flow without too many hitches along the way. Practice writing every day. Like with everything you'll ever learn it takes practice to do it right. Michael Jordan didn't shoot slam dunks the first time he picked up a basketball.

Use the second paragraph to expand on your background. Be more specific as to the types of projects you worked on. Make sure you keep your credentials commensurate to the types of qualifications they want. Add a third paragraph that asks for the interview. For example, say something like, "In the course of an interview, I would be pleased to further discuss how my experience could be of potential benefit to the XYZ company."

Tell the hiring manager where she can reach you in the fourth paragraph. This includes a cell or home phone. Also, list the time frames in which you are most likely to be available. Avoid taking calls for jobs at work.

At the end place a line or two that entices others to visit your site. Your articles don't have to be perfect, but they do have to have good content that brings people to want to see what else you have or they won't visit your site. Articles are a great way to bring in traffic. Just make sure they're relevant, interesting, and informative.

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