How to Produce a Quality Sales Video

By Ivan Andrianko

There can be little doubt that the online marketplace is growing with leaps and bounds. Security concerns have been put to rest by using sophisticated checks and balances and consumers from a very wide variety of target groups have found that the Internet offers a safe and convenient way of shopping. The ability to effortlessly compare technical specifications and prices and to access authoritative reviews ensures that shoppers are able to make informed decisions. With the advent of broadband, more and more marketers are discovering the power of a sales video to inform consumers.

There can be little doubt that video is one of the most versatile medium with which to communicate, educate, inform and entertain. Not many professionals used this medium in the past, but that is simply because the technology that was available at that time simply did not support sophisticated video. When used correctly, video can play a very important role in promoting products and services online.

Anybody that is serious about his online business will take the time to consider the qualities of truly efficient videos. The most important consideration is to define the objective of the video and to make sure that it stays focused upon that objective. The idea is to get the message across to the consumer without wasting time. Modern consumers are sophisticated and they do not take kindly to amateurish efforts to gain their custom.

A sales video cannot easily stand by itself. It needs to be part of a strategic approach where the video is backed up by more information. It may be important, for example, to provide consumers the ability to print certain documents, to download images or to submit questions online. It is only when video is supported by other sales tools that it can really be used to the best advantage.

One of the most fatal mistakes that can be made when creating a sales video is to assume that the individual who is able to technically produce the product is also an expert in designing a professional marketing message. This is, in fact, seldom the case. In order to create a truly effective product, the planning and initial design should be completed by a marketing expert, not a technical expert.

No single marketing tool is perfect, and video also has some limitations. Perhaps the most important of these is the fact that it is not easy for the user to manage the way in which he watches and listens to the message. It has to be seen from beginning to end and it is not really practical to review a segment of the video. The cost is also a factor that should receive some consideration.

The future of online business looks rosy and there is no reason to believe that it will slacken. Indeed, studies have shown that an increasing number of consumers prefer this convenient method of making purchases. Online entrepreneurs have to realize, however, that competition will most probably become even fiercer and that they will have to take steps to ensure that their unique product or service grab the attention of consumers. Using a sales video can go a long way towards catching attention.

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