How to create a great Sales video

By Ivan Andrianko

If you want success through your affiliate marketing than you should know about the number one key behind it: building a relationship of trust between you and your customer. This relationship of trust and confidence can be achieved through a few good methods and one of them is to put a Sales Video on the welcoming page.

But not any Sales video will do. If you browse around the internet and check out different Landing Page Design styles, through which they're either selling the same product as you or another one, it doesn't really matter, I'm absolutely sure you will stumble upon some really bad welcoming videos.

And of course, if you're a good marketer you will know that image and quality are essential for any type of success. And if the Sales video is poorly done than the chances of the visitor turning into a customer are reduced significantly.

The big question is what a Sales video should contain. You can use pretty much anything; it doesn't matter if it's a testimonial or simple step-by-step instructions that will expose the best of the product to the visitor.

But, the biggest feature of a Sales video should be its image and sound quality. Definitely, a flashy video without a good content is pretty useless, but if you manage to successfully integrate both than you have hit the jackpot! Ask yourself this: would you watch a video that has a low quality sound and image? Of course not and neither will your visitors. And no visitors amount to no sales.

If you have no idea where to start, then I advise you to browse around more on the Internet as I'm sure you will stumble upon some great tutorials. If you have a good eye you will learn very quickly and you will be making great videos in no time, as long as you keep in mind the pointers I just gave you.

A powerful and attractive video will have a strong headline in it. Plus, the voice behind it shouldn't be computer generated, but of an actual human's. If the voice sounds confident and clear, the better! A customer needs to feel that you have faith in your product!

There are hundreds if not thousands of templates freely available online, through which you could create the best Sales video possible so make sure you check those out as well.

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