How Can Website Text Affect Your Readers? Top 10 Ways

By Troy Jones

The appearance of your website text plays a role in increasing or decreasing your sales. Easily affecting your reader's buying decision is the font, style, size, and color of your text. There are 10 points you have to keep in mind when you're typing on your website.

Make Sure it's Easy to Read. Making it easy to read for your visitors is an important thing you need to remember. There are several things you would want to avoid such as using dark blue text on a black background and using light colored text like yellow on white background.

Create A Mood. The color of your text is what you can use in order for you to create a mood for the reader. If excitement is what you want to create, then use some red text. If greed is what you want to create, then use some green text. Use colors that would put you in a mood to buy your product.

Have You Tried Grabbing Their Attention? You can grab your readersattention by using headlines. By using a different colored headline than your ad copy, the headline can be more noticeable. By doing this, the headline will be offset and it will pull the reader into the read of your ad copy.

The Keywords Should be Highlighted. Make sure to emphasize the keywords as well as the phrases that are important to your readers. For instance, use super, deluxe, fast, low price, free, new, etc. Other things you can try include underlining, italics, color changing, and bolding.

Try to Size it Up You would want to avoid using text that is too large or too small. For your headlines and subheadings, you would want to use larger text. Smaller text would be a better option for your ad copy. If your grandparents can't read it, then it's considered too small.

Using All CAPS Must be Avoided. Using all capital letters in your ad copy is something you would want to avoid. It looks unprofessional and is hard to read. To offset it, you may want to use all CAPS in your headlines.

Font Properly. You need to try to use a font that will relate to the product or services you are selling. Using a comic type is a bad idea when you are selling business books.

Using Spaces. It's important to use spaces properly when typing your text. You should indent and bullet key benefits your product or service will give the reader. Consistently spaced throughout your website should be your headlines, sentences, subheadings, as well as paragraphs.

Needing Sunglasses. Bright text colors and backgrounds are what you don't want to use on your website. Aside from making your text difficult to read, it will also bother your readers' eyes that they may just decide to leave your site.

The Readability Should be Checked. Before you upload your web page, it's essential that you first check your spelling and grammar. When writing an ad copy you're allowed to break some of those grammar rules to get your point across.

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