Falling in Love Quotes And Maintaining Your Best Friend's Trust

By Edith Carswell

There may be instances when you realize that you have a special feeling for your friend and would not help but send falling in love quotes. Being with someone most of the time may bring about a special bond that may go beyond friendship and may grow into deeper emotions as well. Such feelings may come about naturally. Friendship starts with compatibility of interests about a lot of things.

You may find that being real friends first may develop a better relationship. You may need to discern that relationships which are grounded on this are not the same as the ones that were developed because of infatuation. Friendship may offer you the best ground to start any relationship especially when both of you can communicate all of the things that you are thinking about.

You are at a risk of losing the friendship and the trust of your friend too if you start confession your love. Though it would be nice of you to send your deepest emotions through falling in love quotes, you may also be jeopardizing your relationship with your friend especially when the feeling is not mutual. If your feelings are true and genuine, then you will just need to take courage and try.

Your strong emotions may cloud your judgment about this you may need some advice. Confiding it with someone whom you trust may give you the chance to think about it very well before taking action. Opening up to your friends may enlighten you especially when they can really help you. Having common friends with this special friend may be of an advantage to you in this type of dilemma.

Sometimes it is better to talk to your parents and get a food advice. Your parents are good sources of advices because of their varied experiences that they have gone through their lives and they would definitely help you clarify the issues that you are facing. There will be a need for you to render a decision on this matter after you have sought advices from others. Not making any move may work for a while if you can hold your feelings back. Pressure may start to build up if you do not deal with it right away.

You may have to do some reality check and know where you stand. It would be best for you to know whether you have a chance at it or not because you may not be aware that your friend is already committed to somebody else. In case your friend is already with another one, then you can simply be an admirer on the side. Who knows, in the end she or he might turn to you after realizing it.

You may wonder if your special bond with your friend will change after knowing. The result would depend greatly on the level of your friendship. People who are mature enough can handle it without giving up the friendship. Friendship that has matured through time will not be broken even if you have confessed or have sent special falling in love quotes to the friend that you love. Sometimes confessing your love may only strengthen your friendship though you may not have the chance to be lovers.

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