A Concise Guide To Asian Name Symbolism

By Steve Chung

It is seen that the Chinese symbols still remain as popular as but the truth is that Chinese language is evolving into a more formal writing script than what it was before. Since the west found the aesthetic appeal of these symbols they are enjoying a glory which is quite recent.

The reason behind the timeless appeal of the Chinese symbols is the simplicity and beauty of their form. It seems as though these symbols were created for the sake of art rather than communication. In truth however they served both these purposes.

The popularity of the Chinese symbol in the west is increasing day by day and those who have them is considered to be hip and trendy. It has become a newest fashion in the western society to have names of the individuals written in form of Chinese symbol on pictures or posters or on the personal items and accessories or get it tattooed on the body.

An individual's name in the figure of a Chinese symbol indicates a lot about the person's personality. It doesn't matter if the others do not know how to read those Chinese symbols. What matters is that you know that this certain symbol stands for your name and when someone asks you can explain it to them.

What draws the people to translate their names to Chinese symbol is the physical beauty of these symbols. Once people get to know them they like to use these symbols like a logo which can be used for various purposes describing their personality.

The artistic expression behind these symbols is so fascinating that they are adopted and appreciated at any corner of the world without knowingrealizing what they mean. You should be cautious only when you are using them to write your name as these symbols have specific meanings which have to match with your name.

One should take the trouble to find out what a symbol means before they get it written and not go for only the physical beauty of the symbol because later it can turn out to be something awkward for you.

In the modern times getting your name translated to Chinese symbol is hardly complicated. The problem lies in the pronunciation however. Once the name is translated to Chinese symbol the phonetics will change and your name will sound quite different. If you insist on saying your name in your way it will become meaningless.

It is quite probable that people will imagine their names to sound same when it is translated into Chinese symbol which is not at all possible and it sounds quite different. What we don't understand is that it cannot be a direct conversion. Each of these symbols has different meaning and it will be these meanings that your name will depict after transformation.

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