Article Spinning the Easy Way with Spintext

By Rolf D Versluis

One of the best ways to get your website to rise up in search rankings is to get many other websites linking to it. And one of the best ways to get credit in search ranking from those other websites linking to you is to create unique content and get others to put it on their site. Spintext is the method used to make unique content that can be posted to many other websites.

The issue is that search engines like Google don't like duplicate content. If you take the same exact set of words and post it on your blog and then on five different article directories, you have an issue. Google will see that as duplicate content and instead of counting many links with relevant anchor text pointing at your website, you will only get credit for one. It is possible to instead edit every article that is posted to a different directory by hand, but that can be ridiculously time consuming.

This is why Article Spinning with Spintext was invented! In every article written, there are many words and phrases that may have other words and phrases swapped for them. An application could automatically pick a phrase choice among many, then it could help you create as many unique articles as desired. Each of these articles could then be posted on other blogs, and you would get Google credit for each one of them since they were unique!

The type of text that is made when preparing an article to be spun is usually called Spintext. For each word or phrase that may have a substitution reasonably and grammatically replaced, just add braces and pipes to the word sets, and it is all set for spinning. At the beginning of the multiple sets of words put an opening brace, put a pipe between the phrases, and end with a closing brace. Be sure to think about where spaces and punctuation is going to go so things appear well in all versions. It is a good idea to have multiples titles and resource boxes also.

Article Spinning is a very effective method to increase traffic to your website and getting onto the first page of search engine rankings. It permits you to take the unique content that you are already creating and put it to use in a new and better way. Having a well written article and modifying it up to be spun and submitted to hundreds of websites will provide you many links from pages that have unique content, which is precisely what search engines like to see.

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