Write Articles And Drive Traffic To Your Website

By Bill Heath

Do you own a website that is receiving so-so traffic or receiving no traffic at all? Would you like significantly more website visitors without spending any money? Of course you would and you will be happy to know that both are very much doable through article writing, a technique long known to internet advertisers who understandably kept the knowledge close to their chest.

There is nothing complicated or difficult about this method. You simply write an article about a subject of interest, and submit the same to article directories that you can find in the internet. These articles will be viewed and will point the way to your site.

The requirement of article writing is that it must be about a specific subject, provide information and avoids direct promotion of your products or services. Just be sure that the article has something to do with your kind of business or expertise so you get the right kind of readers.

After you have written your articles, spell-check and proof read each and every one of them. Viewers cannot be bothered to read further on a rambling article that is full of efforts. Viewers will not take your website seriously and will not bother to pay a visit.

Now that you have your proof-read articles in hand, what next? Submit your articles to as many free-content, free-for-reprint article directories as will accept your articles. Look also for niche article directories devoted to your area of interest as possible outlets of your articles.

What to expect then from your articles? Articles contain information about the author along with a link to your website. Readers who like your article will be able to click on that link and visit your site.

Write one article and submit them to 1,000 article directories and you have obtained 1,000 inbound links free of charge. Now, the article directories serve as information source and redistribution centers for articles, so you are in position to be accessed by an ever growing number of viewers. It is hard to envision the possibilities offered if you can multiply the number of articles that can write and submit to article directories.

Writing articles clearly gives you a free, zero capital method to increasing your website traffic. Start writing articles today!

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