Tips On How To Overcome Shyness

By Steven Williams

Many would say that shyness is a problem for them that creates further problem in the arenas of both work and play. Read on and find out how to overcome shyness to reduce the chances of it creating further issues in your life.

First of all, overcoming shyness requires putting yourself out there. Get out more often and be sure to put yourself in situations where you can meet groups of different people from all walks of life. You're sure to come by some characters that you immediately click with and make new friends.

Try doing something you've never done before in order to meet new people. Find a variety of activities in your area via social groups or local clubs; one such example is taking hikes. Alternatively you can join a weekly class to acquire new skills. Joining the gym or swimming at the community pool regularly will make you at ease with your surroundings and therefore at ease when getting to know others.

Make sure you will have fun with whatever activity you choose, or better yet, choose something you will excel in or can enhance skills you already may have. Not only will this raise your confidence levels and make you more assertive, but you will also have more experience that you help you later on.

Your comfort is most important when taking on learning a new skill or indulging in a new hobby. Make sure you feel comfortable and prepared to try something new, as putting pressure on yourself or forcing yourself to enjoy something you otherwise wouldn't do will eliminate the chances of being relaxed enough to be social.

Change the way you see yourself. If you have low self-esteem which contributes to your shyness, then find things to love and appreciate about yourself enough to want to show others. Practice saying positive things about yourself throughout the day or simply use the beginning of each day to look in the mirror and name three things you like about you. A natural confidence is sure to follow, attracting more attention and giving you the upper hand on being shy.

Spend more time with people who have the kind of confidence you would like to have. Their attitudes towards certain social settings will influence the way you behave, as long as you learn from them and don't let yourself shrink into the background of their confidence.

Use conversation to talk about things you know and like. Being passionate about something is an admirable trait, so finding ways to discuss the things that matter to you will bring out the best of you for everyone to see. Speaking on topics you know will ensure that you feel comfortable and others will see you as confident and self-assured. Bring others into the discussion forum in order to push the boundaries of your comfort zone by talking to more than one person at a time. Allow the conversation to flow and see where it leads you - you might learn something new!

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