Stop Writing To Buff Up Your Writing Skills

By Gina Parks

There is a time in every writer's life when they need some help with their writing. All writers can work at improving their writing skills. The best thing one can do to improve writing is to write less, and spend a greater amount of time thinking about their writing.

Some writers have a hard time with their early drafts simply because they have not allowed themselves enough time to process an idea. A successful writer must give himself enough time to think of an idea, organize the flow of thoughts, and then expand those thoughts through their own creative streak.

It is probably easier to do this somewhere away from your usual work area and your computer. You can choose to sit alone at the park, engage in mindless activities such as doing household chores or working in the yard, or even go for a walk while you think. No matter what location you choose, it should allow you to think clearly, without worrying about being pressured by friends, family and co-workers.

No matter how busy and hectic your life is, everyone has a few moments when they can be alone to think, and maybe you should think of dedicating some of those moments to mull over your writing. As an added benefit, not only will you get your thoughts straight, but you will also take care of mundane chores that need to be tackled. If you can manage to focus on your writing more, your productivity will increase in no time. You will actually spend less time in front of the computer (or notebook) but will deliver more quality writing in that shorter time.

It is important once you are set on a specific project that you focus your thoughts on that goal. If what you are writing is fairly short, then you should start by focusing on an introduction. If instead you are busy writing something longer such as a book or a novel, then you can just direct your attention on a specific chapter or section. Try to see your story as a movie, and since you are the director, make sure you include sounds, smells and textures. Become one with the characters, so that when they feel a certain emotion you can also feel it and translate it into words. Have fun with the images you see in your head and find words to describe them. Get a feel for the rhythm of the language. Can you see the dialogue as being a part of the film playing in your mind?

The more you work these elements over in your head then the easier it will be when you sit back down to write. Your mind can help you create a written product that's more intriguing and easy to read and write. So, with just a little more time spent thinking, you too can write to succeed.

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