Stop Writing To Buff Up Your Writing Skills

By Gina Parks

Every writer needs a little help with their writing from time to time. Every writer can improve their writing. Rather than writing more, if one truly wishes to improve their writing skills, they should write less and give more thought to their writing.

Many writers struggle with their early drafts simply because they have not allowed an idea enough time to simmer. In order to be a successful writer, you must have enough time to think of something, organize the thoughts in your head, and then allow yourself to draw from your creative vein.

It is best to work on this when you are away from your desk, your computer and any writing equipment (even something as simple as a paper and pencil) however that is the only rule about location. You have the choice of engaging in whatever activity relaxes you most - gardening, cleaning, walking or jogging. The sky is the limit, and you should feel free to pick any location that allows you to think without the added pressure of friends, family and co-workers around.

Even with today's hectic, busy days, there are moments when we are alone with our thoughts and if you want to improve your writing then you should set aside at least a portion of those moments to focus on your writing. In fact, you might find that not only does this improve your work but it also allows you to multi-task by completing some other mundane task (or simply getting in your exercise for the day). Once you manage to focus your mind on your writing, you will immediately see your level of productivity increase. You won't spend as much time sitting in front of your computer, but you will find that your writing will improve in quality and quantity.

If you are working on a project, your attention should be entirely focused on accomplishing your goal. If you are writing something short then focus first on the introduction, for example. If you are writing a novel or book then focus on one scene or section of a chapter. Create a movie in your head, and because it is your movie, do not overlook the sounds, smells, and textures that go along with it. Become the characters in your movie, and feel what they feel before you translate that image into words. Think of the images in your head and come up with words. Feel the rhythm of the words playing out and see if they dance smoothly. Does it match the "movie" you created?

The more clearly you can see images in your mind, the easier it will be to import them on paper. You can put your mind to work to create a product that's easier to write and more compelling to read. So, invest a little time into thinking, and you will see that writing is not as hard as you thought it would be.

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