So You Want To Be A Copywriter?

By Mike Howell

If you think copywriting is not vital to sales, then consider that just about none would happen without it - anywhere. If you want to write copy, then start learning about it and then do it - that simple. If you want to go all the way, then be prepared to spend years doing it and getting there. In order to find success with copywriting you have to understand the basics first. So if you think you have the goods to be a copywriter, then fine - let's get started, tough guy.

You can use the question to your reader to great effect if you place it right and ask about the right things. You have seen some excellent questions in headlines, they are very common, and they are used a lot for a reason. Your traffic wants something from you, and they want it because it is something they do not have.

Use real testimonials and feedback within your sales copy. Any testimonials that can back up your claims will be very helpful. This will add more credibility to your sales letter and increase your conversions. If you're releasing a new product, you can still get testimonials by finding someone credible to review it. Make sure your sales copy has at least one good testimonial. No matter how well you write your copy, it's always enhanced by some unbiased reviews. It will make it easy for them to hit the "order" button without any insecurity.

Think about how you would feel if you wanted to buy something online, but there was no guarantee in sight - bad news. As you know, this is all about risk reversal and is will greatly help the reader feel better about the whole thing. If this is your product, then simply be generous about it and do not worry beyond that. Avoid letting any fears get in your way, and if you are not careful people will pick-up on that and become skeptical.

So you can take this stuff all the way to the bank and make a deposit, and commit yourself to going the complete distance.

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