Six Great Marketing Tips to Help Real Estate Agents

By Len Dietrich

In the present market no longer does a broker have to take into consideration marketing only within his or her local market. The net has created a world without the need of boundaries. But, successfully navigating this is becoming more and more more difficult if you do not really know what you are doing. Take a look at some suggestions and techniques that will assist you get moving.

1. Identify your sub-market: Market and keyword research is the cornerstone to effectively gaining traction as part of your market. Personally I selected to build websites specifically tailored to Golf Homes in Southern California. Next, I Googled golf homes in Southern California and discovered 2 dozen golf courses in my region. Then I would enter those greens names directly into Market Samurai and find ones that drove 20-80 unique searches on a daily basis which had relatively low competition that would be simple to rank for. 

2. After I identified those courses that drive some traffic I then research and write an article on that golf course. Within the content I highlight a few of the top features of the course. I have even called golf courses and spoke with their media directors and "interviewed" them a little using the content from the conversation as content for my article.

3. Create a free blog. Write one article for that site regarding this particular course as well as the homes all around the course that includes keywords with your main domain site that you are looking to get ranked online as being embedded as the links for all those keywords.
Check out our "Get to #1 online Webinar" for more information on keyphrase research and the way to define your niche.

4. I then would put those articles in my article submitter, create my signature line using a link directing back to the blog and also have it auto submit 5-10 articles every day to directories and other websites trying to find original unique content for the golf niche. After about 1 or 2 months I most certainly will begin to see some movement reach the top 2-5 pages of Google depending on the number of daily submissions you select. Ultimately, your blog you may have set up will pass the "link juice" of your embedded links along to your authoritative website letting Google decide what your main domain is a vital site. 

5. Create my Wordpress page and title it "My Domain dot Com/ the golf course name-golf homes". My strategy here is that golfers have disposable income and a lot of are fanatics concerning the sport. Whenever you drive traffic and build up your rankings for that site you'll end up onpage one of the many engines like google because the blog you set up is passing along your link juice making your main site authoritative. Now, every time a individual is looking for a tee time for that course you'll now have a page on there titled "My Domain dot Com/ the course name-golf homes" and tagged with "Your Name" exclusive realtor for XX country club golf homes. 

6. When I received page one ranking for this golf course I will then contact the golf course media relations and make sure they know what I did and I also wish to setup a conference or take them out to lunch and introduce myself as the go-to real estate agent for golf homes in the area. I'd then introduce myself to all of those throughout the course and in the clubhouse and inform them of that I'm the go to realtor for golf homes for this course.

Now, you can try any niche that you prefer and also you should really think outside of the box. You could focus on campgrounds, historic landmarks, parks, recreation areas, vacation spots, etc. It's not uncommon for individuals visiting from away to want to search for vacation homes in the area and eventually acquire one from the local expert and trusted agent. At the end of the day they are visiting because they either like the area or have family or friends in your neighborhood. And, to be honest, everybody wants to live close to the ones we love and people who we love spending time with. So, you are branding yourself as the go to agent for the niche. Really, as you do these strategies you merely repeat all over again for the next niche. Find out more about our "Get to #1 on the search engines Webinar" for more information regarding niche research and the ways to define your niche. 

Are you using SEO as part of your real-estate career? Whats your opinion for this strategy as well as what other niches can you see for another agent or yourself?

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