safeguard your intellectual property

By Alex Gerovski

Can someone patent a concept? You actually can. There are numerous individual and organizational patent requests applied for and granted each year. Should you have a concept and might prove its functionality you may acquire it patented.

Every one of us has sometime or the other had an idea that we thought would change human life. But chances are that some other person all over the world could strike similar idea. Should they do and go on to put it into mass scale manufacture of a physical object they can make huge amount of money. Once you comprehend what is happening maybe it is too late. There would be no point if you already did decide to cry over spilt milk as the expression goes. Because if the idea had not been patented by you. Your argument probably would not hold in every law court anywhere in the world.

But patenting a good idea is just not very easy. You may not just have a eureka moment inside your bath tub after which you are able to go to your local patent office to require a patent for the idea. You should create detailed drawings and blue prints of your own idea and ways in which you intend on putting it make use of. You need to prove the functionality of the idea. Meaning if it is a gadget you might need to develop a prototype to prove the idea enable you to make a product using available technology.

Patenting a good idea is just not cheap either. You would need to come up with a considerable investment to get your idea patented. So before you even think of getting a patent be certain to carry out some market research around the profitability of the product just in case this sort of product were available. Also make certain that a patent or a concept that is similar to your idea is simply not already patented or already in existence. You would not receive a patent for an idea that is a mere improvement or upgrade of a merchandise that is already used.

When you can afford it you may work with a Patent attorney who are experts on the subject all of which will direct you from start to finish in the process of getting your idea patented. Have professionals and in case you might want to share your idea with someone to be able to enlist help in your idea, be sure you sign a confidentiality agreement with them. This will make certain that your idea is simply not stolen before it gets patented. Upon getting prepared yourself it is possible to walk to your local patent office and obtain a patent once you have applied for it. Your idea would be under the "Patent Pending" status. Then all you must do is wait for letter of acceptance.

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