The New Focus On Great Depression Memoirs

By Jody Sanders

In the last few years, there has been a renewed interest in Great Depression memoirs and other historical accounts from that era of world history. Though it might seem odd that so many people would be so fixated on an historical time frame many decades in the past, there are some very good reasons for that interest.

It seems that any time large numbers of people are affected by poor economic circumstance, there is a natural tendency to reflect on similar circumstances in the past. By doing so, today's citizens can make sense of their own plight, and sometimes learn new ways to cope by reading about how previous generations managed their own crises.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of material to review. In addition to voluminous accounts penned by many of the people who lived back then, there are also many academic treatises on the subject that offer new insights that help to dispel some of the myths that have long been attached to that historical period.

Perhaps the most useful accounts, however, are from those who lived through those times. With each passing year, the world loses more of these people to the ravages of old age. As each passes, the memories of those dark times grow just a little dimmer in the collective mind of mankind.

As a result, many people are now urging the surviving members of that greatest generation to take action to memorialize their own experiences from that time. With economic uncertainty continuing to swirl, there has perhaps never been a better time for those survivors to reflect on what life was like for them both before and during that trying period.

Those memories are an important part of reminding today's generation that it is far from the first to live through a period of economic distress. This is a crucial lesson from which everyone can draw comfort, and one that is made possible by the efforts of those who have left behind their own Great Depression memoirs. Read more about: great depression memoirs

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