Making Your Solo Ezine Ads Tireless Workhorses for Your Net Business

By Angus Brown

If you have a business on the web, then you understand very well the need for traffic that is not run of the mill. One particular traffic method that has existed for over a decade on the web is ezine solo ads, and it is still around because of how effective it can be. There are hundreds of thousands of ezines out there, but finding an ezine that's related to your niche is not difficult. Even though this is a terrific strategy, it is just like others in that you must find out a few things. There are several important points you will need to learn eventually, so you might as well do that today.

As you learn more about this method, you will discover that you must perform background research about the ezines. Most ezine publishers are honest, so that means a few of them are not - be forewarned. In order to avoid such a trap, do your homework first. Once you subscribe to the ezine, analyze what kind of content it sends it out.

Analyze the ads that come through, and then just get some kind of idea about the ezine in terms of high or low quality. It is also good to just watch it for a month or so and see what the frequency is like. Those are just a few things you can do as part of your research into the ezine.

Most ads will benefit when they contain something that connotes urgency or that the reader will miss out on something if they do not act. There are lots of creative ways you can achieve this, but just be sure it sounds believable and is real. The keyword here is 'now', don't assume they'll get it on their own, you need to bring in the urgency. A high percentage of people will merely bookmark something, like sales copy, and then that will be the last time they ever think about it. None of this came about after the internet was born, but rather it was discovered and tested hundreds of times from direct response advertising.

The basis for increasing your response from any ad is the science of testing and optimizing. If you fail to do that, then all you are doing is taking a wild guess. Once you have done this several times, you will see how easy it really is. Perhaps the smartest thing for you to do is explore this and learn more. Think about testing just your headline, and that will make anything you write more powerful.

The bottom line with any kind of advertising is to bring you the right traffic, and there are a lot of things you can do with that. So do not ever think that just because you do not have an email list that you cannot get in the game. Information and knowledge are only as powerful as you make them, and with that you simply must discover more. Once you have been through a few of these campaigns, you will feel much more confident.

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