A Look At How Normal Copywriting Differs From SEO Copywriting

By Mark Walters

If you're an active Web user, than you've already been exposed to a multitude of "search engine optimized", or SEO, tactics. The concept of SEO strategies is straightforward. It is the process of making your website more visible to search engines by using specific keywords that people look for. SEO strategies can dramatically improve your website's traffic, and therefore results. So now the question is, how do you write SEO content?

First, identify one or two strong keywords, or words that describe exactly what it is you're trying to market with your website. You ought to insert these keywords into your content several times on each page. Use the keywords once in the title of your website's meta title, or the link that will show up in search engines' results, and once in the headline of your page or article. Be sure to include your keywords in any meta tags associated with your site. Also, insert your keywords into any subtitles you may have. Efficaciously placing keywords in the text of your website will make a lot of difference.

Integrate your keywords into the opening paragraph one time - perhaps in the first or last sentence for the most lasting impact on the reader. Maintain the saturation in your writing, dotting your paragraphs at least once with your keywords. Prevailing theories suggest 3 to 4 percent keyword saturation for an average article. Make certain you type the keyword somewhere in your concluding paragraph.

Almost as crucial as incorporating keywords is making sure the quality of your writing doesn't suffer because of it. Don't inundate the reader with repetition. This is likely to sound like a pushy sales person, which nobody likes. Organic SEO content is best when the keywords are used to state the purpose of your services without "shouting" at the reader. Still, keywords should also be used in any image titles or descriptions and links to your homepage.

All business owners know how critical marketing is to their success. And while the electronic age has taught us we must have a website for our companies, those websites are worthless without SEO strategies. If you don't already, it's time to start using SEO writing in your marketing campaign. With the Internet allowing people to fly through content at the speed of light, they'll only take time to read websites they're truly interested in. Make sure your website is it.

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  1. My point of view: the use of a price list for services of the flat structure of web writing can kill your chances of getting the business off the ground. Not a good alternative.