Learn Creative Writing

By Marjorie J McDonald

Each and every time you think of a subject you want to write about your consciousness will start sending your thoughts in a number of directions. To not get lost in all the concepts you are getting, start to jot down only one thought as it comes up for you, then set that paper aside. It can help you clear that data so you can capture another thought and jot it down and again set it aside. Repeat this process as long as you are having information input from your intelligence on the subject you have selected to comment about or until you have enough ideas to get together a written account of this data.

You may want to gather the data that seems like it should go together in an article or story and set any related thoughts that are not particular to this group aside to piece together in another article or story.

Think about this as if you're separating apples and oranges into bowls. Yes, both these are fruit, just like your related thoughts about your topic, but they have different traits, again just like your thoughts about your info for your article or story.

Grouping them by thinking about them as apples or oranges will give you different perspectives and approaches to creative writing and quickly boost your capability to write. Your writing will improve immediately when the associated thoughts are in the same article or story because your focus will be clearer about what you are sharing with others.

That capability to offer clarity about your subject will be recognized by your reader also and many will want to read other articles or stories that you have written. As an author, when you get to the point swiftly and present your information exactly and clearly it is a joy to you and your reader. You'll also find your level of enjoyment about what you have written will increase.

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