The Latest In Green Digital Printing

By Ashley Harding

The latest technology in tools that are good for the environment and in the processing is green digital printing. Being green is very important for people as well as for the planet we live on. This new method of doing things is a great asset and benefit to everyone.

This new process has eliminated many stages that traditional printing needed to use. The traditional print was a process that did not involve computers, where as digital is based specifically for a computer to process. Time is saved and so are many of Earths natural resources. Humans have become wasteful and this process helps to eliminate that.

This new method allows for faster results and more accuracy on the first try. Much of the original print was thrown away and was not even used. This process reduced the amount of chemicals and waste that are being absorbed by our planet by the traditional method.

Recycling and helping to protect the environment has become a very important issue among most people. Especially among companies that want to save money and become environmentally friendly. These companies do this by recycling paper and choosing to use safer inks. A lot of ink cartridges are now being made so they can be recycled. Also, the inks are using more of a toner based method which involves styles of ink such as oils, soy and waxes. These styles are made chemical free.

The newer on demand digital presses are a little slower but the first print copy out of the machine is accurate. There are several companies that practice this new idea. Consumers will want to make sure they do good research to find the best results. Not all of the machines are up to quality even though they may be environmentally friendly.

No matter where you start in your journey to become green every little bit helps. By starting with the green digital method gives a big advantage to the environment. By using this process it lowers waste, harmful chemicals and pollutants.

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