It Truly Is Time The Church Took A Look At Itself

By Neil Baulch

The principal of a Melbourne Bible college told a buddy of mine that :- "The church is off the track, it runs after success rather than meekness and relationship. Bible colleges advertise from a ' we'll make a genuine man of God out of you ' disposition. No-one will hear you unless you have got a large church. I inspired preachers to go to a meeting where the speaker was an older man with numerous years of expertise but comparatively unknown. They wouldn't go; the meeting was poorly attended though this conference would be one of the finest I have ever been to. Those with the large churches will not evangelise it and the people won't listen to anyone else." How very sad!

I propose to you that our churches have become high-jacked by 20th centuryisms and is largely concerned for itself. A self-centred sort of church.

I was active in Pentecostal churches for over twenty years and I used to be rather sold out to the modern way of doing things and the Church Growth ideas. However I became increasingly agitated during the last a decade as I've seen some of the inconsistencies in the way we would interpret our Bible. I could bear it no longer and decided to put something in writing to examine and encourage others to consider what we do.

Somebody said to me "The unfortunate thing is, that I see non-Pentecostal churches trying to be like Penty churches - Why?" Why indeed? There is a good deal more pertaining to the Evangelical church in the Pentocostal church than many Evangelicals would be prepared to admit.

Over the years I was caught out too many times in a discussion with someone of a traditional perspective, with my usual adamant fashion, protecting a doctrine or concept to find when I got home to study it more closely, that there had been not absolute evidence of our viewpoint, and even a lot of proof for the opposing view points in many cases. It caused me to look in more detail at most facets of what we believe. In myself, I was also bewildered on occasion aware of desiring to hold onto things that were not Biblically very sound, yet they felt so right.

One of the beneficial things to eventuate out of this reassessing period for me, was a long bible timeline online with images that I collated.

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