Increase Twitter Followers Totally Hands-Free

By Roberto Paes

If it was possible to increase twitter followers by reading a book or an article, everybody would have tons of followers. What is however possible is to provide a basic understanding of what twitter is, and what needs to be done to gain more followers. Twitter is not an ordinary social network, but an extraordinary invention for communication - like the telephone and email.

The point is that unlike the web or even web 2.0, twitter also serves as a vast repository of information for others who want to mine it. This makes it closer to web 3.0 and the semantic web. For those confused by maze of webs, just think of it like a giant pool of information fed and dipped into by millions of users.

This is a good reason to contribute and receive information that adds to this pool. It is also why building influence will help in more ways than one to gain more followers. As a start, consider responding to each and every @mention. Start acknowledging followers by getting in on industry specific and general memes like #FF (follow Friday).

It is also important to understand where the development of twitter is leading to. This would be in two parts - one is location-based mobile applications and the second one is instant search. Both offer excellent opportunities to increase followers.

Those who use smartphones and/or location-based apps for tweets will find that their influence increasing as it concentrates on area specific followers. It helps to find people who share common interests, and the geographic pinpointing also helps to connect with followers outside of twitter. The net result is that the account, person or company gets firmly established as brand and an expert for this area, and it helps add more followers.

The other part has to do with the recent development of instant search. All the major search engines now include tweets in instant search results, and this has created a completely new way to increase twitter followers. Use the right mix of keywords in perfectly timed tweets and it can lead to a rush of new followers coming straight from the search engines.

Another easy way is to buy followers. This can be done by paying a marketing company to run promotions, contests, etc., where people are asked to follow the account in order to be in with a chance to win. There are others who will simply help with the tweets and the social interaction and provide the followers. End of the day, it is the traffic and impact that matters, regardless of the means used to increase twitter followers.

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