How To Get Twitter Followers

By Ash Figs

Following others on Twitter is a big thing and the main attraction for many. For whatever reason, you may have decided that you need to have more of those followers onto your account. There is a variety of ways and things people use to achieve this, but sticking with some basics can bring big improvements easily. Here are just some of the ways on how to get Twitter followers.

First, fill out your bio. It seems like a simple thing, but many do not even think to fill it out or do not want to. If people do not know who you are and cannot read a bio on you, they are less likely to care about you and less likely to follow. Therefore, it is important to fill out your bio right away so that you do not lose any potential followers because of lack of information.

Everywhere you go on the web today you see a link asking you to follow a certain person or business. This is a simple and easy way to get people to come to you. If you have a blog, invite your visitors to follow you on Twitter. Link to your account in your signature in forums and even on other websites you may own.

Linking from sites is easy to do, but so is including that link in your email signature. You only have to set that up once and then every time you send out an email, you are inviting the recipients to follow you on Twitter. Many people do pay attention to links in email signatures and are likely to click them, especially when they know the person.

Do not sit around and wait for others to come to you, get out there and start talking. The more you engage in conversations, the more people will notice you. Check out a few conversations and get involved in the ones that interest you. In most cases, the others involved in the conversation will then start following you as well as the spectators watching on the sidelines.

While you want as many people as possible following you, you need to be smart when you follow. Just picking random people and following them does not guarantee they will return the favor and follow you. You have to find the right people and then interact and start conversations with them. Those right people may in turn then follow you along with some of their own fans.

Getting people to follow you on Twitter takes some time and dedication. You have to give people what they want, so that means you have to know your niche and your public. How to get followers on Twitter is sometimes as simple as just being active and a smart follower.

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