How To Get Over Shyness When Going Out On A Date

By Edith Stevens

Sometimes being shy prevents people from enjoying a healthy social life, as well as ruining chances with potential romantic partners. For the sake of making progress in various arenas in life, this affliction has to be overcome at some point. Following here are some suggestions on how to get over shyness on the occasion of a date, the ideal opportunity to confront and face the issue.

It's not uncommon for two people dating for the first time to be somewhat withdrawn in each others' company. The fact that both experience a measure of discomfort might make things easier, since such shared experience leads to mutual understanding. Such awareness tends to put people at ease, since the secret is out in the open as it were, and there's nothing to hide.

Overcoming this difficulty starts with a person's attitude towards the issue. Accepting its existence instead of denying or downplaying it is the first step in getting the better of it. It might also help to acknowledge the problem to the companion during the course of conversation. It's occurrence would then not be a surprise to anyone. And the moment the affected person becomes aware of it simply welcome it in silence and continue to indulge the other in social talk.

It's also about learning to adopt the proper focus. Instead of dwelling on what could go wrong it's best to keep the attention on the other person. Show an interest in the partner's life. The companion will pick up on this and be more forthcoming and appreciative.

It might be helpful to spend some time preparing for the occasion beforehand. This also helps to draw the attention away from fretting about the possible predicament. Taking a relaxing shower or bath and donning a fine pair of clothes will also show that meeting with the other person is important. It makes the partner feel valued, which could make the person not even notice moments of awkwardness if it arises.

Try and focus the conversation on the other person's interests and life. Then listen attentively to what the companion has to say. This will make it easier to know what to talk about in response, and take care of worrying about what to say next.

It might also help to try non-intrusive breathing techniques on the spot. This will calm down the mind and body, and can be done without the other person even noticing. This simply involves at times paying total attention to the flow on one's breath in and out of the body for a few seconds. It instantly relaxes the body, which is necessary to keep at bay the tenseness that causes the problem to erupt.

Initially it's likely to take a little time to learn how to get over shyness. But with conscious and regular practice it's not an impossibility. Choosing dating as an opportunity to face the issue might sound challenging, but could make for a tremendous boost in confidence by simply trying.

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