How To Get More Twitter Followers

By Jamon Iberico

A question that a lot of people are looking for an answer to is how to get more Twitter followers. Wanting these followers could be purely personal or as a means to market a business. The means by which people get more followers can be free but some require a bit of cash.

A free and easy way to get more followers is to simply follow them. You will find that there are people who follow the people who are following them. Of course this does not apply to everyone as there are people who will not follow you. If you use this method you need to remember that you should try and follow as many people as possible.

Tweeting regularly is another great way to get people to follow you. Unless the person already knows you then they are unlikely to follow an account that does not see much use. It often doesn't matter about what you are tweeting just as long as you are tweeting. Static accounts will not have many followers.

Asking people to follow you is an easy and free way to get more followers. The first thing you need to do when using this method is set a followers milestone. Once the milestone is near you can tweet that you are almost there. The amount of people that will follow you so you can reach the milestone may surprise you. If you are using this method then you should tweet the milestone when you are about 15 followers away.

If you have no problem letting go of some money then it is possible to buy followers. You can buy followers from a number of different marketing services. You should browse through all the services that offer this before you buy to make sure you get a good deal. You may also want to look at Twitters terms to see if they allow you to do this.

If you are able to spend some money then you can also buy a Twitter account that has followers. If you start with a new account it can be time consuming and hard to build up a large follower base. There are many people who sell their Twitter account once a certain number of followers have been reached. When you buy these accounts, you will have followers and not have to do anything more. Of course many people worry about the username they will be getting with the account but you can change the name with one click.

How to get more Twitter followers is a question that you may want to know the answer to. As Twitter is gaining popularity as a means of marketing a business this is very important.

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