How To Break The Ice with Copywriting

By Sachiko Keib

You no doubt have a good clue that copywriting is not something you will become skillful at in a month or two. You cannot become proficient at it if you do not appreciate words or have no affinity for spending hours writing. If you dislike self-promotion or lack self-confidence, then that will prove to be a problem for you. The one thing that is a constant with a copywriting education is the need to stick with the fundamentals until you have mastered them.

Take in this very short lesson about several topics, and then go out and find more to learn and get to work.

When you're writing benefits of your product in your sales letter, make sure you balance them with the features. If you use that approach, then there will be both rational and emotional discussion, and you will make points with different kinds of people. What some suggest is you include both but make the benefit come second after the other. Do avoid only writing the features of the product or service because that will not convert well.

There are many formulas to get your sales copy right, but if you're starting out, then stick to the AIDA formula. Never forget about AIDA, and it equals attention, interest, desire and action. There are lots of ways to get attention, but that is in the early part of the copy. Next comes generating interest, and that is where many people fall flat with writing copy. Third, showcase the benefits and create a strong desire. Making people actually get off their chair and take action on your offer is the culmination of all the rest that came before.

Just remember that learning copywriting requires a person to rise up from the ranks of the ordinary citizen and be different and extraordinary. Once you learn what it takes to make your copy high converting, there's no looking back. The tips that we discussed above are nothing but the basics, but they will make a big difference in helping you overcome your learning blocks.

Take what we have told you and then begin building on it and keep going.

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