Get More Tumblr Followers Simple And Fast

By Ariel Tumble

Tumblr is a micro-blogging community drive platform that has experienced an almost meteoric rise in popularity because of its simple to use interface and social community. Other blogging platforms may make the poster feel they are isolated or make it difficult to add music or videos and hence discourage interaction for some. To get more Tumblr followers is often as simple as saying hello to your neighbor and usually interesting.

One of the key concepts behind becoming popular in this community is to like everyone interesting. Of course Tumblarity or popularity depends upon more than just following others, but liking them encourages them to like you. Commenting on other people's posts, and following others is the beginning of increasing your popularity.

Another factor to help gain Tumblarity is to continue to add to your micro-blog every day and respond to those who comment on your posts. Adding posts of videos that are boring won't help gain friends and likes. However, if you add interesting posts or music or even just witty comments on a regular basis it will help your popularity.

This social networking blogging platform also has what is called a follow-me train which is normally begun by very popular micro-blogs. By joining these trains the new blog can increase their popularity quickly since if you like them, they are sure to like you back. A new blogger may not be able to successfully start one of these since no one would really hear about it, but if they follow one, they too will gain in popularity.

Community driven networking is focused upon people connecting with people so a photo will generally help personalize your micro-blog and make it easier to like and follow. Personal interaction with others is the entire focus of Tumblr so making your blog personal, interesting and above all individualized can increase popularity quickly. Participating in community activities, discussions and commenting on other people's posts all contribute to popularity.

Tumblrs with the greatest popularity index take time with their posts and content and you will notice a trend in them where they interact with followers. This is a sure-fire way to gain in popularity, posting interesting views, music, videos and joining in community activities is a great way to get more Tumblr followers. Not only is this micro-blogging platform simple to use but the road to popularity there is simple as well.

People are spending more of their online time at member driven sites interacting with others. The social networking concept has become so very popular that it is now mentioned regularly in advertising, news casts, and even in popular novels. To get more Tumblr followers is usually as easy as getting out there in the community and participating.

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