FBI Review of Empower Network... A Fierce Business Investigation

By Jeff Warren Anderson

Empower Network is the creation of marketing wizards David Wood and David Sharpe. Anybody who wants to start their own Internet business or wants to know how to make the one they have actually work, will want to know what these two have just released. It's an online beast that is devouring the Internet.

David Wood stomped onto the Internet business scene in 2010 like King Kong through New York City. He broke into the wall street of the Internet and record profits in less than three months. This is rarer than an empty taxi in a rain storm at 5 pm in Manhattan. People are still wondering how he did it and if it can be copied?

Actually, Dave Wood might be more of a Clark Kent than a monster. He's kind of a goofy looking character with a laptop instead of a phone booth. The Clark Kent analogy actually fits pretty good... with how he made his Internet business debut. Like our mild mannered reporter, he cooked up a day job of writing articles to balance the superman act. I guess you could say he wrote his own paycheck. Not immediately, it did take him three months to make his first $20,000 dollars.

David Sharpe literally returned from the edge of death to set an example of how you can completely change your life. If he could over come his paralyzing challenges of a very short time ago and be completely rebuilt into a raging success... you can too!

How David Wood managed to accomplish his remarkable success in three months, is not being kept a secret. The tandem Daves have partnered together to produce their precise step by step system to allow others to copy their success. Empower Network provides the tools and teaches one of the most efficient business tactics online. The fact that you are reading this is actual proof of how this works. I was shocked when I first used it to go to the very top of Google... in 24 hours. No it doesn't do that with every category... but it absolutely does do it for most.

The Empower Network sells a turn key unique blog site to each new member for $25 bucks. Then they teach the new user exactly how to publish their content online so that it produces viral search engine results. If you are reading this article... you are seeing the proof.

So that's what Empower Network teaches you, but here's where it get wild. This is an amazing course and ready made platform... if that was all it is. But this is a forest fire with a 70 mile an hour wind blowing on it. These guys have hooked this turbo charged traffic system to a business opportunity that every body loves. On top of that it pays 100% commissions which allow a way to make a ten thousand dollar monthly income... and be possible to produce it in one month. The reports of new peoples successes are everywhere.

The Daves have built something that works for people. These two maniacs remind me of another pair of namesakes... "the Steves"... Jobs and Wozniak. Why did they have so much success? Yes they had great genius but it's more than that. It comes down to one reason... value. Give before you get. When you bring something into to being that is designed to help others... it is inevitable that success will follow. It's the law of the universe as surely as the day follows the night.

You have to give to get. That lesson has been taught in every class room of life since the beginning of civilization. All of the truly great leaders of history have told the same story in their own words. It may be a long reach to compare the Daves Empower Network to Apple computers, but their why is the same. Empower Networks mission is to give people the operational tools to have a fast income to freedom, and the ability to help others too.

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