Ebooks As An option To Print Publishing

By Owen Jones

Have you written a book and been attempting to have it published? If so, you will know how difficult it is to write 120,000 words of attention-grabbing material. However, it does not stop there, often it is more difficult to have the book printed than it was to write it.

You could spend years writing your book and it is quite depressing if nobody displays any enthusiasm to publish it. Some writers take years to find a publisher and some never manage it at all. If that sounds familiar, how about publishing it yourself?

Years ago, this only meant one thing - paying a publisher to print a couple of hundred copies that you have to sell yourself. However, these days there is a second option and that is to publish it as an ebook. This is fairly easy nowadays and you can actually have your ebook on sale within a couple of hours.

If you have written a book, say, a novel, you will be hoping to see it on book shelves in book shops, which means that you will have to flog it to publishers until you are bored with it. If you make a decision that you want to publish anyway, this is how you go about it.

You will almost certainly have written your.book in MS Word format, which is as handy a format as any. First download OpenOffice from the Internet, you will find it by Googling 'OpenOffice'. OpenOffice is a free office suite similar to and, many say, better than MS Office.

Then load your book into OpenOffice and locate the PDF converter in the 'File' tab. Save your document as a PDF document. First add a couple of photos if you think that they will improve the book.

Next go to Amazon and open an account at their Kindle Direct Publishing section. Go to Bookshelf and click on 'Add a new title'. The Wizard will lead you through uploading your book on to their shelves and you will be able to set the cost for your ebook.

You will receive up to 70% of the revenue and you may choose this percentage yourself too. You will be able to upload a picture for your book as well.

Amazon will deal with all the aspects of transacting the sales for you. They will advertise your book, take the money and provide the customer with a link to download your book. The proceeds from sales will be kept in your Amazon account until it reaches $100, when a cheque will be dispatched to you.

Sales will be transacted in US dollars, Pounds Sterling and Euros and money will mount up in the three currencies. The currencies are not pooled so you will have to wait until you have 100 Euros and 100 GBP. You will also be given a link to your book's advert, so that you can promote it yourself by email, newsletter or web site.

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