Drive More Traffic to Your Site With Social Bookmarking

By Michelle Wynn

Many Internet marketers are turning to social bookmarking sites for their traffic generation needs, as they can help you get the targeted visitors from all over the web. Now you can't just do this piecemeal. Mapping out your strategy before you begin is essential to attracting the most targeted traffic.

With very little time and effort and a great organized plan, you can reap the benefits of an online business like no one else. There are many methods that can effectively be used to promote your website, but one of the most effective and popular method is taking advantage of online social bookmarking sites. What can your business gain from social bookmarking sites? The process is actually quite simple. The goal is to gain one way backlinks from social bookmarking sites that target a specific group, your site will then get the visitors it wants both directly and indirectly. Now that you have visitors galore, it's your job to convert them into new and return sales.

Without knowing or learning much about the background of this strategy, it might be a little difficult to understand or grasp the whole concept of using these as a marketing tool. All businesses, big or small, can benefit from the use of social media marketing to encourage greater traffic, that will potentially make a purchase, and improve their standing in the market. Let's use the Twitter, a micro-blogging site, as an example. This site gives you the opportunity to make updates to your profile page about what is going on in your life. Your followers are then able to read it.

Can you imaging the effect this could have if you had thousands of followers and you posted a tweet about your new product or service? That would make a big difference! It is true that not everyone will look at your offer, but if you had a thousand followers and 10% of them checked it out, you would have generated 100 visitors. And it probably didn't take a lot of time to generate that post. A few minutes at the most. With just that small investment of time, you have gained a great benefit.

Making social networking work for you requires knowledge of the right techniques and how to use them. Start off by bookmarking your own pages. You can accomplish this by creating several accounts on a large variety of bookmarking sites. There is really no limit to how much you can market with this method because of the large number of sites available. It will never hurt you to have multiple bookmarks all over the web and in a number of sites. Multiply your efforts by engaging the assistance of friends and family in bookmarking your pages as well. It all comes back to leveraging what you've already got. Try being an active member on the social networking sites you're using, which means take part in them and socialize. As you grow in your network, you will be adding friends, these added friends can share your bookmarks and they can pass them on to their friends and so on. Establish yourself as a reputable member and make sure to comment, bookmark, and tag some of the other bookmarks within that community. All in all, social bookmarking can prove to be an effective way to drive targeted traffic to your website, if you use the right techniques and make sure you take care of the content, which has to be informative and bookmark worthy.

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