Do You Know How To Pitch Anything?

By Graham Hunt

Pitch Anything is a book that I would never ever in a very long time have read if I didn't have a little buzzing thing inside my head called Ed Dale telling me, "you have got to read this book, you have got to read this book, read this book, just read this book, best book of the Milennium" etc

So I read the book. Yesterday. In one go. In 6 hours. With lots of notes.

I do not typically do that.

So why did I do it?

Well life is a pitch you know? In a business you are continually trying to sell your stuff but in so many different ways you are trying to sell yourself. This book is about becoming the Alpha person in the room without being an a***hole about it. Let's face it, if Mother Theresa of Calcutta can do it to a bunch of high profile doctors in California then everybody can do it and she never actually seemed an a***hole did she?

It's about taking control of the situation by utilizing Frames. It's about being witty and engaging and it's about winning with your pitch.

The book is written in a conversational style which befits someone writing it with the necessary 10,000 hours of coaching. It comes simply to the writer nonetheless it is presented in a way that is easy to follow. The interesting point is taking the ideas and applying them.

Anyway yesterday I went into lockdown to read the book, something I never do. I even turned off the Facebook notifications and ignored Twitter the whole afternoon. The iPad was the tool for reading and the iPhone for taking the notes (Possibly a bad idea as it slowed me down - Note to self, next time use the computer to take notes, make a mind map or even use paper heaven forbid)

One thing did get thru to me.

A telephone call I had been waiting for from a client about a house sale. I presumed wouldn't it be cool to apply the ideas I have read about so far to this conversation and play around a bit?

So I did.

And I sold the house. Satisfied the seller about the price offer using a better "Frame".

So to wrap up the review, I am sold on this. Are you?

Get it here. It's worth it.

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