Discover New Worlds With Action Adventure Novels

By Jody Sanders

Action adventure novels are usually as unique and diverse as the people that read them. However, common themes that are covered by all these stories are the sense of risk and the search the reach some sort of goal. The stories often take the reader on a long journey, where there are many dangers to overcome and battles to be fought.

Having said that, novels that are usually filed in this genre tend to be wildly different from each other. The main common themes are the sense of going on a quest and taking on certain risks to achieve goals. These themes can take a wide range of different forms depending on the particular story and can be either very obvious or extremely subtle.

A popular thing about this form of storytelling is that readers are introduced to heroic characters. The reader is often invited to see the world through their eyes for a while. An example of this is Harry Potter, where we go on a journey with Harry every step of the way.

The reader may also encounter many types of weird and wonderful creatures in these novels. Perhaps the most popular of these is The Lord of the Rings. In this tale readers will meet elves, trolls, dwarves and a whole host of other characters.

There are two main types of enemy in this type of novel, known and unknown. An example of a known enemy can be seen in the stories that star secret agent James Bond. However, the unknown enemy can be much scarier, which is why these stories can sometimes be classed as horror as well.

Action adventure novels allow readers to take on monsters and other forces that they would not usually face in the daily lives. The battle is often rather tough, as there are lots of obstacles to overcome. However, unlike in the real world, the reader can be sure that the hero will save the day before the end of the novel. Read more about: action adventure novels

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