Creative Writing Exercises For Your Improvement As A Writer

By Chris Greene

A lot of people's experiences of creative writing exercises were back in secondary school English classes; where their teacher would let them know where to begin and maybe follow up with an occasional prompt or two. The structure for these exercises is frequently, "Say this, now make something up, now say that"

It didn't simply not teach you anything, it actually confined your creativity while doing so - the least desirable of both worlds.

Can it be any wonder then that most writers in the world today would not give creative writing exercises the time of day? They have been bored half to death by them!

And this is rather sad, mainly because these exercises can genuinely provide many advantages, and give you the implements to improve your writing skills significantly - when they're done correctly.

The simple truth is, the way that your highschool teacher attempted to direct you through those exercises was simply uninspiring (except maybe for anyone who had the rare fortune of a decent teacher). They may actually have been just waiting around for the bell to ring so they could have another nap in the teachers' lounge.

So, just how should they be done?

Well, first of all, they must have direction and purpose. The end goal of your highschool exercises was to write a story. However , I believe we can all agree that to create a story, one dosen't actually require an exercise.

The aim of this type of exercise therefore, ought to be to practice a very specific writing skill in a way that puts strain on that skill and pushes you to improve it.

It's by doing this that you're able to focus on one of your sticking points, and then another, and then yet another, and so on and so forth, having the overall outcome of improving the caliber of your writing piece by piece, skill by skill - and not simply writing a story for the sake of writing a story.

Now we all know the advantages. However, you could be thinking, "terrific, but that still doesn't seem like a great deal of fun."

And yet once again, it most likely is more about the way your old high school teacher presented them back in the day. Creative writing exercises really can be fun and drastically improve your writing simultaneously.

Something that many of us resented about them was the limitations put on their creativity by these kinds of exercises, when you are told what and how to write. What quality exercises try to accomplish however, is to leverage and empower your creativity to solve a problem. You've still got guidelines, but those guidelines are there to push you to adapt, and not just to conform.

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