Business Copywriting Tips for Corporate Websites

By Angela Gymmy

A Job for all Seasons Copywriters are a rare breed. They earn tons of money for writing a few lines that can trigger increased product sales. At the top of the heap are copywriters who get fat bonuses, travel privileges, and work less than 8 hours a day. If you are exploring new ways to cope because the economic crisis in your backyard, it might pay to know why should learn the tricks of copywriting.

Copywriting provides a cost effective or an affordable advertising campaign for online business. In the real world, copywriter positions are numerous. According to, as of February 10, 2007, 509 job openings were for copywriters and looking at the trend, the numbers is a hint of a growing need for copywriters.

Another thing to bear in mind is the improving economy. With more business on the rise, the position for copywriting will be numerous because this is an essential marketing tool. As a freelance or full-time copywriter, it will be easy for you to find these coveted jobs. These are coveted positions because the pay is good and the hours are flexible.

The internet provides job opportunities for copywriters. In freelance writing, anyone with writing skills and are eager to master the craft can grab plum assignments or gain work-at-home copywriting for others. Copywriters can work at home, making the job attractive for stay-at-home moms, young people, and professionals. For those who have lost their jobs, the opportunity beckons and promises a steady stream of income.

As a copywriter with no mean ability, the talent is prized by business owners and will be ready to pay handsomely for this service. Since the hours are flexible and you can fit in the writing schedule into your daily routine, it will be easy for you to earn extra money to pay off the mortgage or save for a family holiday.

Include a Call to Action Business copywriting strategies for corporate websites and ecommerce ones differ, yet both are ultimately selling a product or service. For an ecommerce site, the sale or conversion usually takes place right there on the website so a direct call to action is needed. However, even corporate websites that are not directly selling products on their site still need to use a call to action. What's the use of good business copywriting on your website if the customer doesn't know what to do next?

The call to action can be to contact -- via phone, email or IM -- a sales rep. It could also be to sign up for your company's newsletter or download a how-to ebook. Offering something for free in the call to action is a good marketing strategy. It could be "call to ask us for a free quote" or "email us today for a free assessment of your marketing plan." Be specific and tell the prospect what you want them to do. Make sure the call to action is placed predominantly on the website in two or three key spots. Successful business copywriting should make it easy for a potential client to contact you.

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