Benefits of advanced education

By Ben Willson

Getting an education has advantages. Today, most people complete some form of formal training, whether it is finishing secondary school, senior high, college, masters or even a Ph.D.
Getting an education has lots of benefits, this is truthful, nevertheless, there are also large numbers of costs to obtaining an education. In this brief posting we will focus on continued education running from an associates degree to more sophisticated degrees.

When you chose to finish some form of conventional education, one must always give something in exchange - chiefly time and money. The time and money you expend on your education could very well be spent someplace else. This is what economics expert call the opportunity cost.

Opportunity cost is the cost you pay to not do something. If you spend time studying, your cost may be no longer working, or not leave the house with your acquaintances or not toying with your younger siblings, etc. 
As you can see, for every decision you make there is a cost consociated with it. Matter is, for most of us, it does make sense to incur these costs that allows you to obtain additional education. A great benefit multiplier will make all of the contiguous costs worth it in the long run. So the moral of the story is, if you can, study!

After finishing an associates degree or bachelors degree, the choice to continue your education gets a little trickier since you are now technically completely ready to enter the work force at full steam. Whether pursuing a masters degree, and eventually a Ph.D. make sense is totally up to you and, if you were to reach a Ph.D. level, chances are that you will likely stay within the scholar community and quite possibly become a teacher or prof yourself.

Regardless of what you select to do with your studies, I wish you the best of luck. Cheers.

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