Beginning Your Own Photo Blog is Fun

By Laura Kay

Digital photos are everywhere you look these days! Using digital photos instead of the traditional film photos is cost-effective, there is no wasted paper to end up in landfills and they take up virtually no physical space at all! It seems like almost everyone has a digital camera these days that can snap photographs of just about anything in a matter of moments.

There are many different ways to let others enjoy your photos, from electronic picture frames to printing them out to keeping them on your PDA. Beginning your own web log is a great hobby for almost everyone, whether you are a busy mother, college student or even retired. Whether you're a pro photographer or an amateur photography novice you'll still enjoy the convenience of digital photography. And what is better than just taking lots of digital pictures is the easy way you can share them with other people.

One of the growing ways to share your photographs to others is by publishing a photography blog. A blog is a website that allows an photographer to publish instant updates onto World Wide Web about just about any subject imaginable. A photography blog can feature the digital photos you took on any specific day or trip. You can add comments about your photos and you can inform people about why you snapped the photos and what was happening when you took them.

To begin a photo blog you only need to find some no cost blogging websites and pick a blog name. Most blogging sites are fairly simple to get started with. When you are satisfied with a post you "publish" it and everyone on the planet can instantly see it! You just write your ideas out in a post, insert your digital photos from your camera and the blogging software pretty much does the rest.

With a photography web log you can not only allow others to see your photos but you can also allow visitors to write comments on your posts. If you allow comments on your images then you can also discover what other people like and don't like about your photos. Getting feedback from views to your blog is part of the fun of putting your images online.

It is your photo blog and you can post pictures of whatever you want. You can put up a bunch of images of a local tourist attraction one day and then put up images of some flowers in your back yard the next day. Don't worry about always writing a article that's perfect. Just try to have fun with the ability to share your digital photos so easily with your own blog!

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