Be A Successful Writer

By Rebecca Lane

Sales letters and press releases are some of the most important tools one has to market a business in today's world. However, many professionals do not seem to understand the importance of enhancing their writing skills.

Not many understand how what they send their customers in the form of written material can potentially benefit or damage their business. Just to drive the point home, a badly written press release can leave recipients with a taste that spells amateur, while a beautifully written press release leaves the customer confident that they are dealing with the best in the field. Just following a few simple rules can help you put these simple techniques to use.

Your first step should be to consider your niche market. Who are these people to whom you are sending your materials? What will lure and keep their interest? Use clear and concise words to detail your product or services, but do not treat your clients as though they cannot understand simple examples. Avoid using keywords that are used in the field but are largely unknown anywhere else.

It is also important for you to highlight what sets your business apart from others in the field. If you are sending out a press release, your goal is to trigger interest that's business related. If the press release you are writing is going to a magazine which is usually read by women, try to highlight what in your product is mostly beneficial to women. Be sure to carefully research the target market of the medium to which you submit your press release. Most editors will overlook a press release which doesn't feel like a good fit for their readers.

Third, make your materials attractive. Most people receive a lot of advertisements and "junk mail" every day and are quick to throw away these items without looking more closely at them. Make your sales letter or press release stand out from the rest by choosing attractive designs and interesting fonts. Add your company logo and a freebie, if you have the opportunity to do so. Try to be creative and even create an envelope that's an eye catcher.

As a final step, make sure that all sales letters and press releases you send out are proofread and edited. Make sure to check for spelling errors or grammatical problems as these errors can reflect poorly on your professionalism. If you can, it is always a good idea to have someone else go over your work once you are finished, since fresh eyes can pick out an error you might have missed in your own editing.

Keep in mind that you shouldn't feel overwhelmed in the presence of an overly evasive sales letter or press release. Follow these tips in order to utilize these important marketing tools. The more you practice sending out materials, the more detailed and accurate you will become when it comes to meeting the needs of your clients. It won't be long before you can outshine your competitors. Work on improving your writing skills and learn how to use these easy, low-cost tools before you know it.

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