Write About Everything

By Marjorie J McDonald

An excellent example of demonstrating how it's possible for you to change the details in a tale to get a different twist is someone ran into my car lately and when I went to get the amount for repairs, I asked the receptionist what were some of the noteworthy stories that stood out in her mind. She said that now and then when people came to pick up their automobiles after the repairs were finished that they were involved in accidents when leaving the repair lot. Ouch. That wouldn't be good. And it never occurred to me that might even occur.

This subject appears so ordinary and one that could often be overlooked as a story idea. But if you look closely at it, it could be a way to start to tell a little story about something that could be on the point of occurring, during or right after having, in this example, your car fixed. Each one of these topics can be turned into a really interesting story. With further info, it could become a series of stories detailing each area of this topic

That is how easy it is to begin to write. There are subjects all around and in each and every part of life. If the information is too uninteresting it may be your job as the creative writer to spice up the story in ways that make it fascinating and gives the end story a novel twist.

Life has a range of events that appear every day, but you've a special point of view that will help somebody else handle that challenge in a way easier way. Your ideas and approach are unique to you and can offer new discernment to someone that may need your exact approach to help them.

These simple stories can be made into comedy, drama or documentary as you select which way you wish to reinforce the info. You may even approach the subject in every way and see how each story unfolds for you. That adds to the fun of writing and can inspire you and other folks.

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