Where Do I Start My Story

By Marjorie J McDonald

Pretend you are telling your number one pal your story by writing them a letter. Imagine they've been away on an extended holiday and you are excited to bring them up to speed on what's been happening while they've been away. You have sooo much to inform them. That suggests you will be explaining what you are sharing in depth and engaging your feelings so your content is rich with your affections. Put in All of the mouth-watering details. Particularly what you would most like to understand if you were away and getting a letter from home.

Conversational writing is one of the easiest ways to become comfortable with learning how to put your thoughts onto paper and for you to experience the excitement of talking with writing. As you are telling your story in this way, it becomes straightforward and fun. When writing this way the words flow from your heart. Because they're real, they touch the one who receives them at their heart level and the words become special messengers.

The creative part becomes active as you remember to include all the information. Give the maximum amount of an outline as you can about what is happening in the events you are sharing. Make it great fun for them to read. Add in as many personal details as practicable.

Letters from mates or a person who is special can be the source of such comfort and can bring repeated pleasure to those who receive the letter (s), regularly being re-read on a frequent basis. When they need a lift, they can experience the words again and find themselves back in the experience. A similar thing is true of your favourite book or article. It is saved for repeated readings.

See writing as creative sharing and you will find it wonderful to do. Consider what has brought joy to you and remember that very same thing will bring contentment to others. Share your story--we are all waiting to read plenty about it. If for whatever reason you are scared about writing a way to see where you are with your abilities is to take a spelling pretest to ascertain your spelling level which influences your writing capability as well as your reading level. There's a very fast way to enhance all of those areas so your dream of changing into a writer and discovering your inner author can be realized.

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