Top Five Online Jobs For Web Writers

By Janine Hermosa

Do you have outstanding skills in written communication? If you're a wordsmith of sorts, you might want to consider becoming a web writer. There are countless online jobs waiting for you to apply for. Here are five top options you might want to try out.

Service Outsourcing

Undoubtedly, most owners of web businesses don't have a lot of time on their hands. This simply means they can't produce their content on their own. If you're new to earning online, this might just be the perfect gig for you to get into. This is really the best option for you as a newbie who knows very little about how online businesses work. Once you get a writing gig for an online businessman or marketer, you get the rare chance to study how he does things that you might be able to apply on your own.

Sales Copy Creation

This is part and parcel of selling your skills online but as you might already know copywriting is a special field. This is largely because not a lot of writers are outstanding at it. Hence, it deserves to be mentioned separately. Basically, it really just involves writing to sell something. Your task is to create copy that is so good, your readers are left with no other choice than to pay for the product being sold. Some living legends in the field such as John Carlton are reputedly paid small fortunes for every copy they produce. You might eventually enjoy this same income level.

Content Marketing

Again, this is an area of expertise that still belongs under the umbrella of selling services. Other than producing written materials though, those who market articles also need to be social individuals. At the height of article marketing, the field required marketers to network with bloggers and webmasters. Genuine marketing with content meant producing quality articles for other bloggers and website owners to publish in their online pages.

Blog Writing

If there's one thing every online writer eventually wants to do, it's to blog for a living and to become popular because of it. The job is simple. You just write about a topic in a specific niche and you post it in your blog. The best bloggers actually manage to rake in good cash from advertising and affiliate partnerships.

Take note that although this is an ideal spot to be in, setting up, maintaining and promoting a blog is a lot harder than you think. The failure rate is actually high.

Website Content Creation

If you don't have the time to write regularly, an alternative would be to setup and put content on a regular website. Advertising can again be your main monetization model here. The appeal in website creation lies in the fact that there is no pressure to write and post content regularly. You can leave your initial content for several days or even weeks and they'll stay live and relevant.

These are just five examples of online jobs for web writers. There are several others worth exploring. It's obvious from just these five though that a lucrative career is right in front of your eyes. If you've got the skills, start using them to your advantage.

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