Today's Fashions are borrowing from Glam

By Mark Eno

Where I'd been born the thought of glam rock and dressing up in feminine fashions was not too well received in the 70s it is different now with glam rock artists such as Lady Gaga, Meadow Zero and the Semi precious weapons but a while ago before glam fashions were seen one the street it was tough. . The north of great Britain is home to numerous gangs and even back in the 1970s there has been gangs where lack of employment and drug use festered a violent environment that would only get worse in 2010. Pertaining to a family directly into glam good ole' fashions men connected with female is actually would have been a hazardous enterprise jogging regarding within high heel shoes and glitter foundation. The simple truth is you actually needed to be courageous compared to gangs to walk regarding such as some sort of glam rock star because you were just trying for a violent confrontation in the environment of sexual suppression and ignorant attitudes at the moment.

Initially when I first identified glam rock stars including David Bowie along with Cockney rebel in the form of the particular tunes similar to Rebel Rebel, Come up and see me, make me smile that we wore out twice on my parents' record-player. My school at college, concerning pop sensibility has been separated the following: the kids were fans connected with either Roxy Music The Sweet, and the girls all adored Marc Bolan and glam rock. Aforementioned ended up being terminated by the kids as 'a poof' even though rock stars like the bass-player connected with The Lovely seemed to be clearly as glam rock & camp as anyone in this area. However he or she became a new complete for some reason. Consequently We listened to my T Rex information in personal, not really letting through to any one of my own class-mates with regards to my new obsession glam rock, fearing that I in turn would be instantly labeled as 'a poof'. My own future key breakthrough discovery ended up being glam rock in addition to Roxy Music's initial album. The lining sleeve characteristics glam style photos of the actual group giving the impression of Science Fiction movie-stars, and it ended up being this which first provoked the idea in me: 'I wish to appear to be a glam rock star.

My personal glam rock and roll lifestyle started because I started to badger my mom for several clothing: I wanted platform shoes, I wanted flares, shirts with wild, aerospace collars and, above all, long hair. It required quite some time to be able to acquire my personal "glam rock look' collectively but finally, with about the age of 18, I was able to look in the mirror with some amount of satisfaction. I quickly realized in which, within a new place for instance Dundee, dressing in this particular glam rock and roll trend approach would be asking for abuse and it soon came along. It was mainly mental combined with being jostled or shoulder-barged on the street. i had been quickly to educate yourself the danger's associated with outfitting being a glam rock superstar in the 1970's.

The 1st work of individual assault after me did not happen extended later. I walked the distance coming from a shuttle bus stop on the way household from the glam rock event by a new band in town. We had been becoming screamed at simply by about thirty kids from down the street, soon these people arrived asking for after me wanting blood. I was trapped along with experimented with to help explanation saying it absolutely was simply a manner issue and all the girls dug it. Unfortunately this made them even more angry as I suppose these were not so popular with the opposite sex as at the time glam rock guys were getting all the dates and best looking women.

I made it out alive with a few torn clothes and a missing platform boot. A little investment on reflection as if it were today I am sure there would have been a much more violent response. I did get a black eye and a few bruises but what really hurt is the wounded pride and loss of personal freedom to express yourself after such an encounter. I still wore glam rock fashions but was cautious where to go and be seen in such outfits. it all seemed so simple for the glam rock stats on my TV, they lived their lives (it seemed) dressing up every day in glam rock clothes and never having a care in the world. In truth I was too young to know about marketing, hype and that they were just kids themselves many manipulates to look a certain way just to make money as a glam rock star.

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