Seven Sensational Secrets To Speaking Superbly

By Roger Gray

Really, how good-looking are you as a speaker? Nah, we're not asking if you're a regular Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, we're asking about how well you can win clients and other business entities over with your speaking skills. So if you are looking for some of the secrets of the trade, this here speakers bureau head can show you these secrets - here are just seven of them.

Presentation. Do you have something interesting, inspiring, and useful to share with audiences? Be aware of everything when speaking - the your inflection should not resemble C3PO's (and especially not R2D2's), your personality should shine through and your voice should not have the faintest trace of helium - keeping it low is the way to go!

Make A Connection. How quickly do you get to the core of your audience's problems and challenges? Remember the saying "don't bore us, get to the chorus" - that's what your audience is saying.

Exude Passion. Do you see meaning in what you do? Carve your own identity with passion and find something that you excel in.

Network. Enhance your speaking career by networking with 50 or more other speakers. In turn, you get referral sources. Join the National Speakers Association - a 4,000 member organization that holds conferences and has local chapters to help you with your marketing skills and networking. Call 480-968-2552 if you're in the land of the Diamondbacks and the Suns, not to mention the Grand Canyon - Arizona, where else?

Products. Go nuts - you can write a book or brochure, record yourself on cassette, VHS, CD/ROM, you name it. Your clients will respect you and listen to you more if you actually have something to sell. Think of it as the dessert following the main course.

Value added. Become known as a value added speaker. There are many ways to do this - hand out leaflets, be the first person at the pre-program cocktail reception and the last to leave after chatting with the audience, and always offer follow-up services to your clients.

A Coach Could Help! Watching a basketball game live or on television reminds us that Lebron, Kobe, D-Wade, Melo and even the 12th man on the Clippers (who's he again?) wouldn't be in the NBA if not for a few people who helped them get to their level of ability. Seriously, do you think the Lakers would have won all those championships without the presence of their COACH, the one and only Zenmaster, Phil Jackson?

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