Retain Your Clients' Trust With Adobe CDS

By Blaine Dur

During the Medieval Era, kings needed to always put their seal on any document they make public. The seal was the best assurance recipients had that the material definitely came from the ruler. Without the king's seal, the document, no matter how important its contents are, was easily ignored. Indeed, even in the early times, the document's authentication was valuable, and it still is at present.

Truth is, authenticating documents has never been so important than today. This is since advancement in technology increased the number of people who falsify documents. With the existence of the computer and the Internet, it is faster for these people to do their illegal acts. They can easily make and sell fake diplomas and other valuable documents. Others use these false documents to solicit details or money from the customers of different businesses.

Of course, the above-mentioned deeds are unacceptable, especially in the world of business. These unscrupulous people and their unlawful acts have the capability to jeopardize a business's operation. As these fakers or their acts can tarnish a business's reputation, the victim may lose customers and eventually, revenues. Sometimes, all it takes is just a single falsified document for a company's future to turn dim.

Truly, falsified documents and their creators aren't good for businesses. Thus, company owners must do what they can to safeguard themselves and their clients. Adobe CDS (Certified Document Services) gives the protection they need.

With Adobe CDS, the writer of the document, which is in Adobe PDF, can assure his/her receivers that the file they're getting is authentic. A trusted third party group verifies for the recipient the author's identity and checks for possible alterations on the document. Authentic documents, meaning those which came from a trusted source and are not altered, bear a blue ribbon at the top bar of the document.

At this day and age, this technology offers the best protection for businesses and their clients from fraudulent deeds. Any company that wishes to keep its current customers or even add more can achieve this with the aid of Adobe CDS.

It takes years to create a great reputation and have a solid clientele. Yet, fakers or scammers only need minutes to ruin all these. Businessmen have to realize that Adobe CDS is needed in their businesses.

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