NLP and public speaking

By Robert Grayson

For a lot of people, public speaking is a worrying prospect and so they try to avoid it as much as they can. As people try to avoid it, the problem grows and this makes it much more difficult for the person when they eventually can't avoid it. For many it is speaking out amongst friends and family which is difficult, for others public speaking may be part of their job. If this is the case then a fear of public speaking might stop them from progressing or put their current position in jeopardy if they let it affect their performance. NLP or Neuro-linguistic programming can help people to alleviate the fear they experience when speaking and help them to become more confident.

NLP can help people to stop feeling the anxiety that they do when they are presented with a public speaking event so that they can speak confidently every time. NLP helps people to overcome the fear but also teaches them how to communicate more effectively through the use of body language, how things are said and what is said.

NLP identifies a person's speaking habits which are not received favourably and do not work to persuade the people they are speaking to. When a person speaks, how the other person reacts comes only five per cent from the words they say whilst the remaining 95 comes from how they speak and their body language whilst speaking. The unfavourable characteristics are known as constructs and these are then replaced with an NLP method known as anchors.

Anchors are certain communicative characteristics which a person has which are very effective. Once the person knows how effective these characteristics are they can become more confident in how they communicate. Having confidence that they are able to communicate effectively helps them to alleviate the anxiety which they previously had.

There are two types of anchors and the second type is by using positive experiences a person has previously had. When giving a speech, if a person is feeling nervous they can call upon these anchors to put them in a confident state of mind which allows them to push through and complete what they need to say. Over time the person will become more comfortable using through using NLP techniques and they will eventually enjoy public speaking as they associate it with those positive anchors.

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