Making Your Landing Pages Work for You

By Richard Dow

List building is still a profitable activity, and therefore the landing page still ranks up there since you need it for list building. Lots of IM marketers have quite a hard time making their landing pages convert, but you can do something about that starting right now.

One of the most effective ways to make your landing page give a better response is to enhance it with audio and video. We still commonly see plenty of landing pages that are the old-fashioned kind without any video, and we presume they do well.When you are testing with various graphics, video and even audio buttons, be sure to do one thing at a time and use enough traffic to get good results. It is nice to add other media such as audio or video, but avoid the temptation of putting something just for the sake of doing it. The simple fact is that video is still very powerful and popular, and that is perhaps the main reason to consider using it. If you are not comfortable with making your own videos, then you can easily outsource that to someone who will do a good job of it.

The kind of font size you use on your landing page plays a major role in your conversions because if your visitors are going to have a hard time understanding and reading your copy, then it's obvious that it will take a lot more effort to actually convince them to buy or opt-in, right? Take some cues from your audience, and if they happen to include older people, then using a small font will really be a bad way to go. You should try to go for a font that you're comfortable with, but at the same time think about your visitors and how they would perceive your page.Using the right kind of font makes a lot of difference in the long run when it comes to increasing the conversion rate.

You have heard of optimizing, and we are not talking about search engines, but rather optimizing for conversions. Of course you will gather relevant metrics, and then perform your copy changes and do more tracking. The testing involved with this approach is A/B split testing, and you simply change one thing at a time and let it run, again. Now, this obviously isn't possible with your first landing page but it is something that you need to start planning on right from the start.

The one big secret to success in this area is doing conversion optimization which is split testing and making changes.

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