Learn What Makes a Successful Viral Marketing Campaign

By Linda Williams

Viral marketing is something that can work for anybody, given that you're following a few basic rules to create a successful campaign. The purpose of this article is to give you a clearer insight into how you too can create your own viral marketing campaign and reach out to your target audience.

Viral marketing is all about being different; you can never make a campaign go viral if you're doing something that someone has already done. What makes it so much fun, in some way, is it requires a good deal of creative experimentation to make something that makes people laugh, cry or shocked. One other aspect of viral events is they draw an immediate reaction from people, good or bad, and they cannot wait to tell someone about it. If you are going for a viral campaign, then it has to be planned that way from the beginning. As far as targeting a particular market, most if not all viral events are just broad-based and appeal to people in general.

If you look around you'll find many live examples of people doing wonders with viral marketing in various fields. Emulation and study can be important components as you look at past viral events, as we call them, and pick them apart to see what made them tick. For instance, one of the most famous viral marketing examples happens to be Hotmail.com - where every single email sent through Hotmail carried a small message at the bottom persuading the recipient to sign up with the company and get their own email address. You could not make that happen again with an email service because it is just nothing big, new or unique. The clever use of technology can be a big help because you can do so much with it.

As we have always stated, there is no way to predict anything in this area of viral marketing. Do not go looking for any specific rules of the game because there are not any. You really need to be a special type of personality to face failure more often than not and then keep going. But if you keep going then who will ever know what can happen. When you have done enough campaigns, you will definitely improve in some areas that could pay off later on.

The most powerful viral events had some kind of devastating impact on people because of the particular emotional triggers involved.

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