Improve Creative Writing Abilities

By Marjorie J McDonald

Creativeness is a process involving the generation of new concepts or ideas. It may also be new connections between existing ideas or concepts. The root word comes from Latin and means to have grown.

Some say it's a characteristic we are born with and others say it can be taught with the appliance of straightforward strategies. I have over time, as I've been teaching creative writing, become more aware that everyone has the characteristic of creativity when trying to tap into their inner author, that part of them that's got a desire to be a writer.

It starts with identifying the area (s) you are attracted to put down some thoughts about. It can then be fine tuned by looking more closely at what you are interested in concerning those areas. Make a list and rate them on a scale from 1-10. 1 being least interested to 10 being most interested. By doing this, the top field of interest will become apparent to you. Now you will have a starting place. Knowing will help you concentrate your creative juices on the subject of your decision which always makes it more fun. Your inner author will always make a response to having more fun.

9 Ways to jump start your inner author are:

1. Establish a purpose and make an intention to explore it

2. Build basic skills by doing a collection of exercises that expand your capability

3. Stimulate and reward your curiosity and exploration

4. Build inner incentive

5. Inspire confidence and eagerness to take chances

6. Provide chances for choice and discovery

7. Learn techniques and secrets for facilitating creative performance

8. Offer a balance for yourself so your effort will be supported

9. Provide a creativity friendly, imagination exciting environment for yourself.

Now see if you can apply these 9 techniques and increase your creativity at the same time:

Take a topic from the area you are most interested in writing about and see if you can explain that subject in a fresh way. Pretend you are trying to explain it to someone who is seeing or hearing about the topic for the 1st time. Then take the same topic and explain it in an alternative way. Apply the starting definition at the start of the article in as many tactics as you can think of to scribble about the topic. Be sure that you keep it fun.

You will learn that the more ways that you can describe the topic, the more fun it becomes and the more ideas you may generate for explaining the topic. It can become a game and will raise your ability to write in a rather more creative way. Also, check your spelling level by taking a quick spelling pretest to see what spelling level you are working on because that influences your writing.

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