Importance of Using Proper Salutations in Letter Writing

By Dwayne Medina

Letter writing helps the people in several ways. Opening remarks are important in many types of letters such as in welcome letter. Salutations are utilized to express courtesy to the recipient. You have to choose appropriately the salutations in your letter. You can search for a letter sample in the Internet or books with regards to correct usage of opening remarks.

When you do not know the exact name of your recipient, you still need to use salutation in the letter. You can use an opening remark such as To Whom It May Concern to express your respect to the individual. However, it is still best if you know the name of the person or recipient. The punctuations used in salutation vary depending on the type of letter. In business letter for instance, colon is used in the salutations.

You can use Dear Ms or Dear Mr when you are unaware of the marital status of the person you are addressing. You have to put the full name of the person you are writing if you are unfamiliar about the gender of the person. To address two people in a letter, you have to put both names in the salutation. If your recipient works as a government official, write in the first line the place where the person works. The position of the person in his/her work needs to be stated in the second part followed by an opening remark Dear with the name of the recipient.

The titles of the recipient need to be mentioned completely in the letter. These titles are their ranks in their work or in school. Some of the titles are for Deans, President, and Judge. This is to express the courtesy to the status of the recipient. Titles like Ms., Mrs., or Mr. must not be spelled out in your salutation.

Cover letter must also have a salutation. When you make an application letter, you need to be familiar to the complete name of the recipient. In this letter, it is appropriate to use Dear with the name of the recipient. This helps you in presenting a good impression to the employer. You can benefit on this just by addressing your letter properly.

The use of salutations in the letter makes it appealing to the recipient. Letter sender needs to be courteous at all times. You can show your respect by using appropriate salutations. You have to choose the best salutation that will match to your recipient. This also aids in bringing positivity to your letter.Your letter can appear positive with the use of proper salutations.

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