Ideas On Adding Subscribers to Your Blogs RSS Feed.

By Phillip Gray

Enticing people to subscribe to your blog's RSS feed sounds relatively simple, but there are some things you can do to encourage the visitors who come to your blog to sign up more readily. This article will look at some helpful ways you can begin to boost your RSS feed subscriber numbers.

Get Friends to Recommend Your Blog and RSS Feed: Everybody knows that testimonials are great in terms of getting people to take action but referrals work even better. It's the truth: getting your friends to recommend the RSS feed for your blog to their own readers and subscribers will get you a far better response because you'll be leveraging a relationship that is already trusting. You will quickly see that by accepting the help of your friends here you'll be slowly but surely increasing your subscription numbers without having to put in any of your own effort.Recommendations are always known to work great because of the fact that these people already have a comfort factor working in.

Keep Your Blog Focused: If your blog is clear on what it is about, you will find that to stay update, more and more people will be willing to subscribe to your blogs feed. If there isn't a defining theme to your blog and you jump around from topic to topic without giving focus to any, then people will probably not be inclined to subscribe to your blog feed because they won't feel its valuable to them. So your readers know exactly what to expect when they subscribe and that you know exactly what you are giving, the content of your blog should be tight and focused. Your blog can give your target audience the specialized and targeted information that is in such demands these days. So that you can increase the number of people who want to subscribe and opt-in, it is time to pull your blog together and make it focused.

Track Your Feeds: It is incredibly common to find out that you have a broken link or some other tech glitch that has rendered your RSS Feed broken and unusable. It is important to keep track of your feed so that you can be sure that it is always up and running because otherwise you could lose lots of valuable subscribers who are trying to be a part of your list.This doesn't mean, though that all of your attention needs to be focused on this single thing, periodic checking in should be sufficient. In addition to that, having broken links and other, similar glitches can make such a bad impression on your readers that they decide you are incredibly unprofessional and delete their subscriptions to your blog. You never know how a reader is going to react so do everything you can to make the experience as smooth as it can possibly be.

In the beginning both your audience development and blog development are going to be hard and that's why you need to focus entirely on having repeat readers; to keep your traffic balanced.

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